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          CRI聽力:Oil paintings on ape imagery opens in Beijing

          Source: CRI    2019-07-30  我要投稿   論壇   Favorite  

          An exhibition of about 30 oil paintings that depict different types of ape imagery opened in Beijing at the weekend.

          Renowned Chinese artist Hua Qing named his exhibition the Fairytale on Earth.

          "My artwork indicates the human-animal bond. So the imagery of apes is oftentimes an integral part in my works. The state of being in harmony with nature is something that I try to convey via my oil on canvas," said the artist.

          Hua graduated from the Central Academy of Craft Art of China in 1986. He has held nearly 30 solo exhibitions in Asia, Europe and North America.

          The Fairytale on Earth is being held at Parkview Green Art in Beijing.

          A visitor, who identifies himself as Lee and comes from the US, says he learnt of the artist through reading a book of artwork a year ago. "I think his expression is very different. He has some inner thoughts about himself and how he views himself in the world. And he's done a very good job portraying that in his artwork."

          Hua Qing's exhibition will run until September 15.

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