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          CNN News:研究稱超加工食品會導致暴飲暴食和體重增加

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          Emulsifiers are common in ultra processed foods, and a new study in the journal Cell Metabolism says those kinds of foods can cause people to gain more weight than uNPRocessed foods. Ultra processed, refers to food that have emulsifiers, high fructose corn syrup, flavoring agents and hydrogenated oils.
          In the study, 10 healthy adults ate an ultra processed diet for 14 days. It included foods like baked potato chips, turkey bacon and bagels with cream cheese. Ten others ate an uNPRocessed diet, including oatmeal bananas, meats and walnuts. Then the two groups switched diets for another 14 days. The meals all had the same amount of calories, fat and carbohydrates, but participants were allowed to eat as much or as little as they wanted. They also exercised about the same amount each day.

          The results? On the ultra processed diet, people ate faster and took more helping, consuming about 500 more calories per day than those on the uNPRocessed diet. With the ultra processed foods, they tended to gain about two pounds. With the uNPRocessed foods, they tended to lose about two pounds. So one big conclusion was that limiting the ultra processed foods we eat can help prevent obesity. But that's not always easy. Researchers say it takes less time to prepare the ultra processed foods and they cost less. A week of processed meals was estimated to be around $106. A week of more natural meals, $151. That may be why another study found that majority of the foods that Americans, Britains and Canadians eat is ultra processed.

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