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          The beautiful but divided Himalayan region of Kashmir is claimed by both India and Pakistan. And the two nuclear-armed neighbors have gone to war over the territory twice since 1947. During Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to the White House Monday, President Donald Trump weighed in on the issue. I was with Prime Minister Modi two weeks ago and we talked about this subject and he actually said would you like to be a mediator or arbitrator. I said where. Said Kashmir. Because this been going on for many many years, I was surprised at how long it’s been going on. Trump’s remarks mark a significant change from the long existing stance in Washington. The Kashmir dispute must be solved bilaterally. They also triggered a firestorm in India with the country’s Foreign Minister refuting the assertion that India asks the United States to intervene. I would like to categorically assure the House that no such request has been made by the Prime Minister to the U.S. president. I repeat, I repeat, no such request was made by the Prime Minister to the U.S. president. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan met with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Tuesday and had high praise for Trump who he says understands Pakistan’s point of view. Khan told the Washington-based United States Institute of Peace that the disputed region of Kashmir remains a challenge to bolstering ties between Pakistan and India. But unfortunately because of one issue of Kashmir, whenever we have tried, whenever relationship has got started to move in the right direction with India, some incident happens and and that’s all related to Kashmir. We go back to square one.

          Some analysts questioned whether President Trump realized the consequences of weighing in on such a controversial issue for the region. Well, India for many years has been official government policy to not want any type of external mediation in the Kashmir dispute, because according to India there’s nothing to discuss. And others are left to wonder what impact Trump’s Kashmir remarks and Khan’s White House visit will have on the future of U.S.-India relations.
          Sindhi Saying VOA news the State Department.


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