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          一分鐘英語:Go With the Flow

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          Welcome to English in a Minute.

          If you have ever heard American English, you probably have heard this saying: Hey, man. Just go with the flow.

          This is a fun expression that can be used in many ways. Let's listen to this idiom in an actual conversation.

          A: Should we stop and grab something to eat before we get to the movie theater or do you just want to grab something at the movies? What do you think?
          B: I like to go with the flow. Whatever you decide is cool with me.

          This phrase makes you think of watching water. When you "go with the flow," you swim in the direction that the water's moving. It's easy. In the same way, a person who "goes with the flow" easily fits into a given situation. Plus, it rhymes. Go. Flow -- sounds nice.

          And that's English in a Minute.

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