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          一分鐘英語:Off The Top Of My Head

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          Welcome to English in a Minute, where we teach you about idioms in American English.

          What would you think if you heard this: Off the top of my head.

          There is nothing on her head. But let's see if we can find out what she means.

          A: Do you know Tom's email address?
          B: I couldn't tell you off the top of my head, but I have it in my contacts list on my computer. Can I send it to you later?
          A: Sure. That would be great. Thanks.

          "Off the top of my head" is a common phrase that means I am trying to remember something, and to give you a quick answer. But if a person's memory is bad, sometimes the information off the top of someone's head is wrong. So it's best to confirm it.

          And that's English in a Minute.

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